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There are many potential advantages that can be gained from the use of prosthetics for restored capacity which vary depending on the situation. A disabled individual with limited mobility may be largely confined to a cumbersome wheelchair and their home, socially isolated, self-conscious in public, and suffering with depression due to their circumstances. A prosthetic aid that affords greater freedom can help provide substantial relief.

For example, with a newfound or renewed ability to drive a car, take a walk, climb stairs, pick up a phone, or perform other important activities of daily living, the recipient of a prosthetic device may feel empowered and motivated, more independent and less reliant on others, develop a positive attitude, regain a sense of relative normalcy, become healthier from living a more active lifestyle, and begin to participate again in a wider range of recreational, employment, and household tasks that can result in greater overall satisfaction, well-being, and improved quality of life.