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Amputee girls on a tour :

3 - Fifty years later at the University of California at Berkeley a breakthrough in lower limb prosthetics was created for above the knee amputees. A Suction sock allowed better fit, feel and looked more real. By 1975, amputee Ysidro M. Martinez invented the much less complicated process of below the knee amputation, which would give the patient more flexibility, and a more natural feel when a prosthetic is used.

While it may have taken centuries to finally develop a lightweight, reactive and even visually appealing limb replacement for those who have suffered injury or had birth defects, the advancements over the last few decades have taken prosthetics to a totally new place. Never before have the wearers of prosthesis had so many choices and options; from different attachments for sports, to how they look and feel of their prosthesis appears....