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Amputee Lady in Wheelchair :
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An amputee lady in a wheelchair can autonomously set out from area to area, yet just if the removal happened on the feet of the client. On the off chance that the amputation(s) occurred on the furthest points, for example, a hand or arm or both, at that point they would not have the capacity to drive themselves and would need support.

In the event that an amputee lady in a wheelchair chose to leave the house and go on wheels, they would require help on the off chance that they are getting into a vehicle, or if there is no debilitate conventions in the building they are attempting to enter.

Some wheelchair clients who are amputees require help once a day relying upon the area of the removal.

Twofold leg amputees can push themselves with no help, they would just require help in the event that they have to escape the seat or to make an exchange from a wheelchair.