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Amputee Girls- bsolutely gorgeous :

6 - Who does this effect? Amputation is a catastrophic event. There is no cure. Amputation is a lifelong condition that does not go away. Fortunately, through medical skill training and recent advances in technology the Limitations of Limb Loss can be conquered. There are an estimated 1.9 million amputees in the United States and approximately 185,000 amputations surgeries performed each year.

Of those amputations, performed 82% are due to Peripheral Vascular Disease and Diabetes. However, there are other causes of amputation. Approximately 8900 children receive amputations each year due to lawn mower accidents. Birth defects result in a life long need for prosthetic devices. As of February 2007, 897 US Armed Forces personnel were in need of prosthetic devices...