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Clip Amputee World Juna Preview :

3.) The Linkage Effect

The improved linkage that this prosthetic leg will include reduces tissue elongation. The improved linkage also helps to reduce displacement while helping its users to achieve a more symmetrical gait pattern. This is one of the main goals for people with a prosthetic leg. A natural, symmetrical gait is a favorable outcome for prosthetic users. This means that the individual that is using the Harmony system will spend equal amounts of time on their sound leg as compared to their prosthetic leg.

More Benefits of The Linkage Effect:

A.) Reduction of pain

B.) Improving proprioception (proprioception: The means that a person has the ability to sense stimuli arising within the body, whether they see it happening or not.)

C.) Enhancing fluid flow within the patient's residual limb.

Moreover, the adjustable shock absorber and torsion adapters on the mechanical pumps will help to increase walking comfort for patients. This is obviously beneficial and these adjustable shock absorbers also help to relieve the strain on the patient's joints and their spine as well.