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Girls double amputee :

There are also prosthetics that cannot be found outside the body. Some installed internally to support bones that have been damaged inside the body. One good example of this is the hip bone. A lot of accidents involve hip bone damage which affects the joints of the hips. This damage can be really discomforting because it will be difficult to sit, walk and do other things. A lot of materials can be used. It is to the patient's discretion on what he wants to use for his body. 

Some use a combination of metals and plastics. Some use metals for the complete hip bone. Today, some people are also using ceramic. Ceramic is quite new in the world of prosthetics however it is believed to be one of the best materials by far that people can use especially for prosthetics used inside the body.

These are some of the most common prosthetics being used today to continue a normal life.