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Acting Role Where Anita Hollander Offered to Lose Her Leg in the Second Act (Part7) : Like in Damn Yankees, [when I was] playing Meg, the wife, the cast would often say to me, "We always forget that you have one leg because you zip on to that stage and zip back off again."

Susan Dansby: Well, and I think that the other way that being in a minority becomes an asset is that you go in knowing, "Okay, there may be some odds against me here."

Anita Hollander: Right.

Susan Dansby: Exactly, it puts you in such a head set that you know you have to be that much better in order to impress.

Anita Hollander: This is very true, Susan. That's probably the most valuable thing - that is so true. You, many times, have to prove to them that you are the better actor than the one that walked in who happened to have two legs.