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Amputee beautiful girl My life after amputation :

Emotional Pain of Amputees :
Management Of Emotional Pain Of Amputees:

1) Medical And Surgical Help: This is obviously the first and life saving aid. Painkillers, antibiotics and other drugs under qualified medical, surgery and nursing staff are important. In the acute stage, most amputees sometimes get help from anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs.

2) Emotional Support: The support of family and friends plays a great role and it has the power to shorten the second stage of mental strife of amputees. The important role of this support is to help overcome the helplessness of amputees. The family should support in a manner that provide full physical support but at the same time should provide emotional support in such a way that amputee might gradually have emotional independence.

3) Physical Rehabilitation: It doesn't merely enable the amputee to gain physical independence but uplifts mind. The new hope emerges and confidence increases...