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Acting Role Where Anita Hollander Offered to Lose Her Leg in the Second Act (Part3)
The other favorite of mine is a role that I got a Helen Hayes award nomination for down in Washington. And that was a world premiere musical called The Fifth Season in which I played a dance hall girl who is running away from a boyfriend who shot her in the leg. And by the second act she loses her leg - she has to have her leg amputated out in the wilderness. She's a homesteader and she's trying to get some land of her own; and the women around her have to help her lose her leg because of the gunshot wound.

So in the first act, I'm dancing on the bar top, and I'm singing, and I'm doing all this stuff. And then, in the second act, I have one leg. And audiences debated in the lobby how they did the one-legged thing because the actress couldn't have one leg because she danced in the first act and we all saw both legs. So they must be covering it somehow. How did they do that? Because there was a big fight scene and everything with me with one leg; and people couldn't figure out where I was hiding my other leg. But the funny thing about that was how I got that job.