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Amputee beautiful girl There’s difference :

Remember there were many things about you that were okay before amputation that was not amputated

Allow time for emotional and mental healing. Like a child learning to walk, some walk earlier than others. So it is with emotional and mental healing. Involvement in useful things and projects helps one not worry so much about disability and concentrate on the usefulness of self. Many things you could do, you can still do. Too often older people retire and quickly die because they quit doing useful things. As an amputee you must not quit doing useful things. Decide what worthwhile things you can and will do and do them.

A few amputees bury their worthwhileness and usefulness with their missing body part

You are still a useful person with a vast array of talents - use them.

Be pro-active. If your efforts to get better are Luke-Warm and only half engaged it slows down your healing. Be active and bring humor into your life. Live your life to its fullness. As an amputee always remember this important goal: "Triumph over Adversity!" Always Remember!