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Amputee beautiful girls with an amputated leg :

Ask a friend to describe you in a sentence then put this in your ad. Next add something about your hobbies and interest and make it sound peppy. That is you right? So in a few words put in all you can about yourself. Get your personal ad in the site which caters to your type of hobbies and interests.

Look for help on the site of your choice. There will be online support where you will get information on how to go about filling in your personal ad. Get feedback about the site in question for friends or read what others have to say about it. There will be positive and negative feedback so make sure you sift through all and get the salient points out.

Personal ads for amputees are a simple and effective way to put your place in the world of chat and online dating. Type a few words about yourself and you are set for a new way of life and living.