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Amputee Girls beautiful A strong friendship :

Acting Role Where Anita Hollander Offered to Lose Her Leg in the Second Act (Part6)
And when I walked out of the room, the musical director said to the director and the casting director, and the producer, "Why are we sitting here talking about this? She is the perfect person for this role. There is no discussion. We need to cast this woman and stop talking about it." And they all agreed that well, of course it's perfect. If the role is an amputee who can sing and dance and act, and we have an amputee actress who can sing and dance and act sitting in our room, there's no question. So it was very funny.

Susan Dansby: I just think it's such a great example of how the thing you think will stop you; the thing you think will close doors in your face is the thing, invariably, that opens doors for you.

Anita Hollander: It's very true in many cases; it's been an asset for me on many levels, not always.

Susan Dansby: Not always...