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Acting Role Where Anita Hollander Offered to Lose Her Leg in the Second Act (Part2)
When I got the job, the producer and the director and I talked and I said, "You know, why don't we just have me, au naturel, as a three- legged cat?" A cat who's gone out there in the world and lost her leg and came back and everybody is kind of freaked out and then, she sings this song about 'if you touch me, you'll understand what happiness is.' And it brings in a whole new meaning when this cat has been through life and nobody should feel sorry for her.

And it was so perfect, and we all agreed that that was a great way to do it. And it really made the whole experience of Cats a whole different thing, brought it to a whole different level where everybody just really experienced something special. And that was a real favorite of mine.