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 Emotional Pain of Amputees :
2) The Emotional Phase - Anger, Anxiety, Grief, Depression, Stress or in other words just being pissed right off. : In the second phase, the amputee has to accept the fact at an emotional level. And there starts another phase of mental trauma. Amputees find it the most difficult phase and it might last from several weeks to months and sometimes many years.

There is phenomenal stress, the mind undergoes anger, frustration, fear, uncertainty, embarrassment, regret, worry, grief and depression. Gradually the amputee learns to accept this fact in his heart and begins to overcome emotional conditions and tries to start life with this new reality.

3) The Stage Of Physical And Mental Rehabilitation:

This is the stage of physical and mental rehabilitation. This is the stage that rehab is supposed to help. In my case the physiotherapist had never seen an amputee let alone knowing what to do for me. Useless. However, we still begin to adjust our life after amputation. New hope is rekindled. Sometimes new hope is rekindled. We learn physical skills to cope with this situation. The confidence should be building up in newer and better ways as we begin our lives In different mode and we gains momentum and direction from inside...