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Amputee of an arm, she decides to laugh on the social networks and seduces the Net surfers :

SOCIAL NETWORKS A young American woman who lost her arm following a motorcycle accident, decided to joke on Twitter and Tinder ...

-Lauren lost his arm following a motorcycle accident in June 2016.
- His profile Tinder very second degree on his handicap was a great success. 

On June 29, 2016, Lauren, 21, lost her arm following a motorcycle accident. A handicap difficult to overcome at first for this American, native of San Diego. But the young woman finally decided to accept herself as she was and even to laugh at it. It started with social networks. 

"Arms dealer" ("Selling arms or arms!"). That's what Lauren, one-arm amputee, wrote down in the "job" box on Tinder. She then adds: "Tinder's bargain, hands down: Face 10/10, body 9/10, personality 20/10, Arm 1/2". Shared on Twitter, his stuffy second-degree profile has thrilled thousands of Internet users, many of whom are obviously very motivated to meet her. 

On Twitter also, Lauren does not miss an opportunity to joke about her lack of arms for the delight of Internet users.

The girl also publishes many pictures of her on which she does not try to hide his stump or scars. An initiative has each time been successful.