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Amputee girl Iona Grape :

I am Iona, Amputee girls. I was conceived in 1990 around the local area Klin in Russia. I've ever been a shrewd solid young lady. I used to play with young men at development locales, whatever. There was super until on 2005 ( I was 15 yo) I heard horrendous conclusion: "Growth? 

Osteosarcoma". "Finita la comedia". To start with they put me endhoprothesis Rather than an ailing bone. It was great, yet while I lost my insusceptibility totally. In the event that I just came down with little bug I got frightful worsening. At last, my leg swelled up to such an extent there were no other method to cut away. Presently I feel it's great way. I stop feel torment. I at long last make the most of my life. Presently I am extremely upbeat now as amputee on braces.

I 'd get a kick out of the chance to collect some cash for another prothesis, yet first I'll purchase a decent camera to make recordings and photographs not on cell phone, but rather in HD quality.

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