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Beautiful Lizzy Holmes had to amputate both legs :

Former nurse Lizzy Holmes had to amputate both legs due to her condition. But that did not stop her from enjoying life and being successful. Moreover, recently she even signed a contract with the fashion agency.

24-year-old Lizzy Holmes of Leeds, Britain, was born with a congenital defect, making both her legs turned inward. Because of the error, her life suffered from chronic pain and ended up with 36 operations, the first since she was 10 weeks old.

Her first leg was amputated under her knee the day after her marriage with 21-year-old soldier Lewis Georgeson. She was recently amputated by her second leg. Although many would have thought that the world was crushing for her, Lizzy says that she has just come to life right now. "I feel incredibly, relieved and free. For a long time, I wanted to remove my leg because I knew that life with a prosthetic leg would be much easier, "she told British Mail Online.

Because of her condition, she suffered severe pain and had to take morphine regularly so that life was sustainable. '' I may never live completely without pain. A different way of walking also influenced my backbone. Nevertheless, I feel much better now. '' It is decided that her disability will not ruin her life and, in fact, look forward to the future when she is no longer in such severe pains. "Because I am in shape and young, I will now be much easier to adapt to my new life. I will not let my disability stop me from doing what I would not do. I like to swim and I'm looking forward to collecting some resources so I can get special legs for proper swimming. "

Lizzy recently signed a contract with the fashion agency, thus becoming their only model with two amputated legs. She was selected only on the basis of one photo, and now she will be given a series of photographs to present her to companies. "I can not wait to be able to pose, I think it will be wonderful. I'm not ashamed of my legs. "

The young Briton has a great support for her family and friends in her wishes for the future. Among them is the support of her husband Lewis, whom she says she is lucky enough to be so strong that she can carry her around when she needs it. Lizzy studied for a nurse and worked in her profession for two years, but because she demanded to lift heavy packages, she had to leave her job. In addition to posing and shooting, she has now enrolled in the faculty of pedagogy in order to upgrade her knowledge and once become a teacher in elementary school.

Her sister Amy is extremely proud of her and she is happy to have such a positive view of life. "I saw my sister, how she suffered in severe operations for 23 years, and she was all through, when she stopped more than 30 operations. Everything from which they removed her second leg has become stronger. "

Lizzy will soon receive two prosthetic legs and special coats for running. At the same time, she wants to raise funds for prosthetic legs, which she will be able to swim, which is not covered by the health insurance company. Its goal is, however, that now that the pain will no longer be its constant, life will be covered with a fuller spoon.

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